Long and Short Positions

The system seek to predict the start of a trendline.

Solid and Stable Performance

Based on Technical indicators and price ranges.

Customer Support

Fast and efective support 24 hours a day.

Smart Trading


You just need a few minutes in front of your computers to place the orders and forget the system, easy to follow strategy.

Liquid Stocks

NY stocks Exchange

We trade liquid stocks from NYSE, taking advantage from fast and easy to execute limit and stop orders.

Technical Analysis

100% mechanical

The selection process is simple and 100% mechanical, based on technical analysis and price ranges.

Consistent Performance

Since 2011

The performance has been stable and consistenly since 2011, even on volatile stock market.







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Average Trades

Join a profesional Swing Trade System
with a very low cost.

System Performance


The strategy is based on a combination of technical analysis and price ranges, from both we selected a maximum of 6 positions (long or short) from a stock basket that reflect the system standard.

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Online trading

Risk warning

Important Securities Disclaimer: You understand that buying and selling stocks / securities is risky and that you can lose some or all of your money, please read our Diclaimer before start trading.

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Subscription Prices


We offer a very reliable and effective strategy with a competitive subcsription price, you will have the opportunity to make money with stock trading even for beginners or novice traders. We offer 4 different plans.

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Subscription Prices


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$77.00 a Month

Quarterly Subscription

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$197.00 each 3 Months

annual subscription fee

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$527.00 Each Year
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System Features

Take advantage of both sides of the market trading long and short positions.

We have refined the way that we measure characteristics in a way that boosts returns. We found that an updated combination of value and momentum is the best performing strategy since 2011.

  • Advanced Methodology
  • Limit and Stop orders
  • 100% Mechanical Process
  • Set and Forget Strategy
  • Target and Stop loss
  • Stable Performance
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